I’m Lucy and I’m the creator of


(You Don’t Own Me)

I had an idea for a website focusing on the difficult subject of domestic abuse. And that idea developed into what ydom.co.uk is today.

ydom.co.uk and my Podcast DIP in and out with Lucy help break down the stigmas so that we can all learn more about the complexities of domestic abuse.

Knowing where to access support for yourself or someone else isn’t always that easy and can feel very overwhelming.

This is where You Don’t Own Me steps in.

ydom.co.uk is a “one-stop shop” helping people find useful resources, support services and access to knowledge shared by professionals.


My background:

I’ve worked in the charity sector for many years including working as the Victim Voice Facilitator for Trafford Domestic Abuse Services in Manchester. Working within the community and meeting extraordinary people! Facilitating groups and working with service users in the community and on a one to one basis.

I also worked on campaigns and presented to relevant professionals. I learnt so much from TDAS.

  • BA (Hons) degree from Bangor University
  • Trauma informed Training through the Nelson Trust (CPD)
  • Understanding domestic abuse and trauma bonds through York Women’s Counselling Service (CPD)
  • Conflict Management Training 
  • Voice of the Child Training 
  • LGBTQ+ housing and homelessness 
  • Parental Mental Health Training 
  • WETA Women’s Empowerment Through the Arts
  • Understanding ACEs (Adverse childhood experiences) 

You can be impacted directly or indirectly and at some point in your life you will know someone, a family member, friend, work colleague or maybe you yourself have been impacted by domestic abuse.

The effects stem from the first time someone is abusive – emotionally, financially, physically, psychologically or sexually and it continues to spread. The further effects can then lead to becoming so reliant on the abuser, that everything, your entire existence is about what the abuser wants.

Where you live, what family or friends you see, what you eat, what you wear, the list goes on and on.

Domestic abuse is subtle, especially in the beginning, it doesn’t happen over night – it grows gradually.

There are two things in this world an abuser wants. POWER and CONTROL.

We need now, more than ever, to open up the conversation around domestic abuse.

If we can create discussion and ensure inclusion, we’re on our way to making sure that there is progression in understanding the impact abuse has and maybe reduce the stigma in talking about it.