I am a Domestic Abuse Consultant, Specialising in Post-Separation Abuse. Working with organisations such as National Trading Standards Scams Team as part of their Task force, to create a coordinated and collaborative approach, guiding victims of fraud, scams and financial abuse with the support and help they need.

Post-separation abuse is something we don’t talk about nearly enough. But is it because we’re not really sure what it means? This is where I can help.

Here are some of the areas I cover:

  • What is Domestic Abuse? And what is Post-Separation Abuse?
  • The impact of Domestic Abuse.
  • Myth Busting – common misconceptions around Domestic Abuse. Why do people stay in abusive relationships? Why don’t they just leave?
  • Love Bombing
  • Trauma Bonding
  • Gaslighting
  • Coercive Control
  • Signposting for victims, survivors, family, friends and colleagues. There is support and there is help.


Talking about domestic abuse can be difficult. We don’t always have the right words or even know what to say.

I can help you break down those barriers and have an open and honest conversation about domestic abuse.

There are so many preconceived ideas, so talking about the complexities of abuse is essential in helping people understand that it isn’t as straight forward as you might think!

I cover all aspects of domestic abuse.

I’ve worked in the charity sector for many years including working as the Victim Voice Facilitator for Trafford Domestic Abuse Services in Manchester.

Working within the community and meeting extraordinary people!

Facilitating groups and working with service users in the community and on a one to one basis.

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