Goodbye past. Hello future!

On my way back from spending New Year’s eve in Wales, we had an unscheduled stop in Bangor for a bite to eat.

I took a quick (albeit not very clear) snap of top college. I think it’s one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen. Mind you, I’m biased as I attended Bangor University from 1997 to 2000.

As I stood on a cold, dark – and quite wet Tues evening, I was flooded with so many memories of my time there.

I was a naive teenager when I started at Bangor. A teenager who had never had her own room.

Growing up with 5 siblings, meant sharing!

Little did I know that even in halls, you would end up practically living with your friends. Constantly in and out of each other’s rooms. Then back to sharing in a flat!

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

In the years since I left Bangor, SO much about my life has evolved and changed.

I seem unrecognisable to myself – in a good way. I’ve learned many life lessons along the way and all of it has brought me to where I am now.

Working for myself, doing something I am unbelievably passionate about.

My daughter stood next to me as we looked up at top college. She thinks the university is as beautiful as I do. She also thinks it looks like Hogwarts 🤣. To which I replied that I had indeed made many magical memories there!

Looking at my daughter, it made me think in that moment, what if I could go back and tell a young Lucy embarking on uni anything. What would I tell her?

And it’s this….

You will tell yourself for many years, you don’t care what people think of you. But deep down you will care. You will care until you can get to a point in life where you have faced so, so, so many challenges that are made to break a person. And you’re still here.

They don’t break you. They make you.

From there, you will discover your own value and worth.

You will learn to trust your own instincts.

And you will achieve far more than you ever gave yourself credit for or ever thought possible.

But most importantly, you will help change lives for the better.

Taking a moment and looking at where I was then to where I am now.

It was worth the wait.

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