Domestic Abuse and that “Ember”

I’m very fortunate to meet so many remarkable people through my work. And considering the conversation revolves around discussing domestic abuse, it makes these people even more remarkable to me.

Something that has come to mind this week is the word, “Ember.”

When we think of an ember, we think of a fire that’s slowly fading.

The “dying embers” from where once danced the smoldering flames, now lie quite still and calm. But they are still there, showing warmth and light.

When I was little, I was fortunate enough to have something called, “The Wall of Sound.”

It was essentially, a sitting room wall for a Barbie House and the phone would ring, the lamp would light, the cat would purr and the fireplace would light up with its embers.

I was also lucky enough to have sisters to play with and we had so much fun with the “The Wall of Sound.”

I can remember some evenings going to bed and leaving the fireplace on because I enjoyed looking at it and listening to the sound so much.

It soothed me and I would fall asleep.

The word “ember,” came to me in a conversation I had this week with the wonderful Danielle Barbereau 𝗖𝗼𝗮𝗰𝗵 / 𝗪𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗿.

And I promised I would write a post about it!

As anyone who knows me, will attest, I talk a lot about hope after someone has experienced domestic abuse.

To me, hope is the cornerstone for each and every individual impacted by abuse.

Without hope, we wouldn’t get up in the morning.

Hope gives us purpose.

And like the dying embers of a fire. Hope is the ember that keeps so many victims and survivors putting one foot in front of the other.

I am extremely passionate about discussing post-separation abuse. It’s a conversation we should all be part of and learn more about its complexities.

Imagine (if you can) leaving an abusive relationship and finally feeling free of the abuser.

Then try to imagine the abuser slowly starts to chip away at your new life and will do whatever it takes to keep controlling you. They may tap into your feelings of insecurity, your worries and fears.

When it comes to post-separation abuse many people don’t want to rock the boat or have to face what inevitably will be a “one hand tied behind their back” fight for some level of freedom.

It is exhausting, it is crushing and they will want to give in.

But what I have always found incredible is an individual’s resolve to not give up.

To not give in.

And that, for me is the “ember.”

“Amidst all the anguish and despair, when a glimmer of hope is there, you feel like you can do anything, take on every battle. And then you do.” (Lucy Wade)

……And I’ve just sold my first You Don’t Own Me mug  

I hope it gives them joy and hope every time they use it!

Happy Friday!

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