Domestic Abuse and Support

How important is support when you have experienced domestic abuse?

Everyone is different and everyone’s experience of abuse is unique to them. That’s why there are so many wide and varied means of support out there. The time to access support is different for everyone.

But I read a case study that gave me so much hope.

In this case study, when the individual was asked, “Were there any memorable moments on the course?”

Their response was remarkable!

A key moment for them was when they were looking at a domestic abuse scenario in the group setting, although the scenario was one this individual had experienced themself, when they were reading it – they no longer imagined themselves in that situation.

They were picturing someone else. And at that point they knew then that they had really started to move forward because they could no longer see themselves in that situation.

What a feeling that must have been.

To be able to stand outside of the situation and realise that this is not your life and will never be your life again. That’s it right there!

It shows the power and importance of support. When individuals feel safe to unpack all they have experienced, it can lead to huge and positive changes for their future.

Ending the working week on a positive note, drinking a cuppa out of my YDOM mug doesn’t get much better than that!

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