The most peaceful people

I heard something really powerful today and it made me think.

They said, the most peaceful people and the most wise people they know are the ones who have created enough internal space to be able to allow all the parts of themselves to co-exist, despite the contradictions.

They go on to say, these people have room for their creativity and they have room for their fear. They have room for all the contradictory feelings and emotions. They don’t kick any parts out because, guess what….you can’t!

I loved it.

Anyone who has experienced or is experiencing post-separation abuse knows that there are so many conflicting feelings and emotions to manage….daily.

And as someone who is passionate about opening the door to talk about post-separation abuse, those words really resonated with me.

You can have all the conflicting feelings and emotions inside and still move forward with your life.

I’ll be honest, post-separation abuse doesn’t have an expiration date. But moving forward daily and beginning to understand, how to approach the situations that arise, CAN have an expiration date.

There will come a day when what used to make you feel anxious and worried, doesn’t have the same effect anymore. What you used to struggle to handle, now you have the tools to handle it.

And you can deal with all those feelings.

The good and the bad.

Happy Sunday!

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